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I can be seen playing my Sadowsky 4-string basses on TV, in the studio & live. Behind the scene (and sometimes on the scene), I play a variety of basses. For instance, my Yamaha 5-string has become an extension of my soul (never thought it would happen with a 5!)
Animated Will In the recording studio each song of a project deserves special treatment, that's why I play many different axes, sometimes fretless or that classic Fender precision is needed. Or maybe a Pedulla 8-string for solos.
When I need to "kick out", out comes my MusicMan Stringray. My Carvin 5 has been a mainstay for the past year in my work on the Late Show.
Carvin Catalog Cover 9/97
You never know when you'll need a comb. I use this comb (right) to create several percussive sounds . . . one of them a "cowbell" sound, produced by tapping on my front pickup cover. Comb   String
Of course they're all strung with the finest strings available . . . Dean Markley SR 2000's. I also use hipshot D-Tuners on most of my basses.
Live, I use the Samson Wireless run thru a Hartke 4.5 speaker cabinet.
The pedal board includes all my favorite effects. Assembled by my tech, Mike Ferrante. Pedals
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