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Favorite Link of the Month:

Vaughncraft Percussion
As a percussion fan & sometimes studio player, I have a large collection of tambourines. My favorites are the ones these craftsmen make. At Fab Faux shows, these are the ones the guys and I always fight over who gets to play it!

Virtual Dali
One of the most prolific artists of all time. The king of Surrealism.
Musician's Hall Of Fame
Finally! A place that pays tribute to "The Cats". Located in Nashville, Joe Chambers and staff have opened a museum that honors all of us "sidemen" of the industry. There you\'ll find exhibits and artifacts from people like Hal Blaine, Scotty Moore, Pete Drake, not to mention Will Lee! They even have a seat from the Ed Sullivan Show when the Beatles performed there.
Prisoners Of 2nd Avenue
Fab Rich Pagano & Fab Jimmy Vivino's side project together (with bass master John Conte)! Formerly known as Steaks And Chops, the "Prisoners" are known for covering some of album rock's great artists (Cream, Blind Faith, The Who, etc) and do great shows with feature artists ala Al Kooper and more.
Sandrine Lee Photography
Here it is-the link to my favorite photographer-my NUMBER ONE FAVORITE!
Sammy On Letterman
Thanks to youtube, there's great content uploaded all over the place these days. Anton Fig found this one & sent it to me: SAMMY On Letterman-circa 1989
This is something I'm very proud of (I'm even prouder of my wife for effectively facilitating this organization). The people of the country of Mali (in Northwest Africa) need our help. We have a way to do it very effectively (Red Cross take note!!). We have no costs, so we are able to raise money that goes directly to assist people with medical help, education, even infrastructural needs.
Harry Shearer
You know him as Spinal Tap's Derek Smalls, as Principal Skinner, Ned Flanders & many other characters on The Simpsons, but I know him as Harry Shearer- dry-witted, bass-playin' hilarious fool who has a great syndicated weekly radio program Le Show.
IK Multimedia
Thes guys make some really powerful music software that's a great source for making soundscapes, grooves, whatever! I love their Sonik Synth and Sample Tank software. Thanks Randy Fuchs at artistrelations.com for introducing me back when!
One of the greatest companies I've ever dealt with. Kevin Walt and his partners are developing the hippest software and hardware available to us music makers. AND they are even helping out one of the most important people in my life, Mike Brecker. See what I mean by checking out M-Audio.com!
Brian Regan
He's the greatest comic around. Brian makes me laugh so hard, my daily vocabulary is filled with quotes from Brian's CD DVD. And guess what? His comedy is safe for kids, grandma, ANYBODY. Strangely, Brian works without ever being "dirty"! How is he so funny? By pointing out the absurdities of life from his own point of view. (photo by Brian Friedman)
Jodi Head Guitar Straps
You might think "guitar straps-big deal, they just keep your guitar from falling to the ground, right?" Well in the case of Jodi Head, she's made it a real art form. When you see your favorite guitar-playing artist and they're wearing a strap that makes you really take notice, chances are it was made by Jodi. She is simply the best at her craft. I exclusively use Jodi Head straps!
Dennis Chambers
Drummer extry-ordinaire Dennis Chambers is one of those cats who'll happily play a groove in the tastiest way, but look out - this gun is loaded and could go off when least expected- he's got a hair-trigger. One of my favorite groovemakers since his P-Funk daze!
Jason Miles
An unstoppable force in the music world, Jason Miles along with wife Kathy, is part of a great song writing team, one of the baddest synth programmers in the business, and one of today's most prolific producers and arrangers. Check out this awesome cat!
Bob Babbitt
Here's a guy I've always looked up to as a man with tremendous musicianship, having run into him all over NYC during my first buncha years in town. He's the bassist with the Funk Brothers-He's a little too humble to tell you himself, but Bob Babbitt played on a ridiculous amount of R&B & Motown classics. Finally, he's letting his site do the talking about ALL those great records.
Terry Silverlight
Terry is one of the most inspired songwriters and drummers ever. No one can do what he does. His new CD is Wild! He and I produced it. He's amazing!
Bette Sussman
What do you call a person who is bright, charming, hilarious, quick-witted, grooves, writes, and sings her ass off? I call her Skeezer but she's known to the world as Bette Sussman.
Warren Haynes
Great Guitarist with the Allman Brothers amazing voice of Gov't Mule and the hardest working man these days, Warren is simply awesome!
Steve Lukather
He's one of my main men, man. You may know him as Toto's guitarist, or as the "Candyman" or simply Luke, but this cat has it all, man, because he is a DELIGHT! (and I mean that, man....................)
Chris Parker
Here's one of my closest compadres, Chris Parker. One of NYC's greatest musicians, you know him from the group Stuff & lotsa hit records, but here's where you can discover Chris Parker the painter, as well!
Steve Khan
Since the early sessions of The Count's Rock Band (featuring Steve Marcus) Steve and I have been great friends. Always inspiring, you've heard his solos on many Steely Dan cuts, and as an artist he is an international treasure.
John Tropea
You've heard him on tons of albums, He is one of the funkiest cats there is. He's like a brother to me. No wait, He IS my brother. Oh yeah, and it's pronounced "TRO-PAY"
Rocco Prestia
Rocco Prestia is the legendary bass guitarist for the renowned soul and funk band from Oakland, CA?Tower of Power. Rocco urgently needs a liver transplant. Please click the link above and give what you can. Thanks...
Dee Scarr
She's one of the world's great underwater naturalists.
Steve Gadd
The most well-known drummer of modern times and a great friend (and dancer)
The Rainforest Foundation
There's only one.
These guys have a lot happening: Samson, Zoom, AND Hartke!
Dean Markley Strings
My string company for years and makers of the SR2000 strings that I helped to invent and use all the time!
Bassics Magazine
Started in Canada by Ron Garant, now a major publication.
Bass Player Magazine
Started it all- I've been on the Advisory Board since their beginning-an invaluable source of info on what's goin' on in "Bass Land"
Chuck Loeb
Guitarist.Composer.Producer.Educator.Recording Artist. Simply put, Chuck Loeb is the hippest, most well-versed musician on the planet. Did you know he wrote the CNN theme??
Alternative Medicine
Sometimes bombarding the body with chemicals and cutting into ourselves is not the only option.
Virtual Flowers
Wanna do a nice thing for someone?
A very important page.
As a P.A.D.I. Certified Dive Master, this site is real important to me. He invented the name S.C.U.B.A., the scuba tank, the regulator, and had a role in the development of underwater photography from the beginning and woke us up about the environment.
Victor Wooten
A wonderful cat who has more to say with a bass than most, a great inventor in the way Jaco was.
Wolfgang Haffner
My soulful drummer friend from Germany who I love to play & hang with.
The Beatles
They gave us all a wakeup call.
Tommy James
Tommy, who I am fortunate enough to play with throughout each year has made some of my favorite records "Crimson and Clover", "I Think We're Alone Now", "Mony Mony", etc. and one of the nicest Humans on the planet.
Jimmy Webb
Songwriter extraordinaire, an American treasure and a good friend.
Have fun!
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
So far I've been part of most of the induction ceremonies where (with the help of Paul Shaffer) we have paid tribute to many greats.
David Garfield
A musician of extraordinary talent and creativity.
Sly and the Family Stone
The deepest grooves combined with great songwriting...still sound fresh.
Sammy Davis Jr.
He did it all man!
International Association of Jazz Educators
My Dad's organization.
Ivan Lins
My favorite Brazilian songwriter and singer...true royalty. This man's music is healing and he is truly blessed with an abundance of talent.
The Fab Faux
Information and performance dates for Will Lee's Beatle's Tribute Band.
If you dig the sport like I do this is the bomb!
Leon Pendarvis
A great mind and sense of humor makes this guy's site a favorite.
David Letterman
This CBS site is where you can get lots of info on the Letterman gang.
Hiram Bullock
One of the most charismatic, talented and passionate musicians there is.My true brother (from another mother)
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