I can be seen playing my Sadowsky Will Lee Signature 4 & 5-string basses on TV, in the studio & live.


Behind the scenes (and sometimes on the scene), I play a variety of basses. In the recording studio each song of a project deserves special treatment, that’s why I play many different axes, sometimes that classic Fender.


Precision is needed, a Höfner or maybe a Pedulla fretless.


They’re all strung with Sadowsky strings . . . I also use Hipshot Xtenders on most of my basses.


The pedal board is a Boss GT 10B, which is totally programmable and includes all my favorite effects. I also love a variety of pedals, including those made by Electro Harmonix.

Live, I use the Line 6 Relay G50 wireless run through a Hartke HyDrive amp system .